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Christmas snack

14/12/2011 Wednesday
Merry Christmas <3
Ha ha! haven't yet Christmas. We all are waiting for it, aren't we?
Oh yeah! Now I am here to tell you how to make a Christmas snack.

My colleague saw this snack from some Japanese cooking shows and she tried it at work. I got the idea from her and I have a big packet of spaghetti to try it out :)
So yeah! are you ready?
Here we go! :)

Ingredients needed are highlighted in red colour
>>First of all, you will need dry noodle or dry pasta ( thicker better ).
>>Cook it according to the instruction written on its packet.
>>Remove hot water and replace with cold water
>>And then again remove all the water
>>Make sure the pasta strings are not very wet ( keep them damp )
>>Put them into the bowl
>>Put equal amount of rice flour and sugar onto them ( do not use the fine sugar here, try to get bigger crystal )

>>Mix the pasta well with the flour and sugar
>>Take four strings at a time and make into shapes
*twist and ring*

*heart shape*

(don't make it too tight)

>>Stand by them on the plate
>>Cook oil
>>Fry one by one until it turns golden brown
>>Put them on the dry plate 
>>top each of them with sugar again ( if you like it sweet )

.......................................DONE COOKING........................................

Unfortunately, this pastry is not good to eat after keeping it for long. It is not crispy anymore after half an hour. So if you guys are trying this at home, you better eat immediately after it has been fried.

It has a problem when you give this to someone as a gift. I will try to post another pastry or cake making for you guys to prepare as a Christmas gift. 

But I wrapped it properly to show you how cute it is!
>>Put at least three pastries into a transparent plastic bag ( floral print transparent bag is also a great idea )
>>Since this is a Christmas gift, red colour ribbon is more suitable. ( if you want to have double ribbons, red+white or red+green will be better )

<3 Cute Christmas gift <3

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12:45 AM

Aglio e Olio pasta

12/12/2011 Monday
Here is the recipe for olio pasta. Firstly, I would like to tell you that this recipe is not the actual one that is being used by most of the restaurants. This is just a very simple way created by me to cook with a very few ingredients which are available in your regular kitchen. The taste is similar but it won’t turn out exactly the same as those being served in the restaurants.

Here we go! Ready? J

The pasta is chicken flavoured but you don’t really need real chicken pieces to cook this. Estimated cooking time = 20 minutes. Ingredients are as follow:

1)      spaghetti ( use only about 45 sticks here )


2)      chopped garlic ( 2 cloves )
    3)      chicken flavoured seasoning powder ( One tea spoon )
         Any brand will do. 'Knorr' (Thai product) is used here.



    4)      oil ( olive oil will be better )
     5)   salt
     6)  pepper
     7)  dried chilli flakes
     8)   chopped fresh parsley    
>>boil water with one tea spoon of salt 
    >>put spaghetti ( but do not break them into half, keep the length )
    >>cook for 13 minutes
click image for larger view

>>after that, remove the hot water and replace it with cold water  
>>cook oil
>>when it is hot enough, off the stove
>>put chopped garlic and other seasoning ingredients mentioned above into the oil
>>stir until well mixed ( do not burn the garlic )
>>put the cooked spaghetti into the mixture and cook again over low heat ( about 1 minute only )
>>sprinkle water when it becomes dry
>>put onto the plate ( ceramic plate will be better since the recently cooked pasta is hot )
>>decorate with parsley


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9:51 PM

Indian cup sweet cereal

12/10/2011 Wednesday
This is a picture of Indian snack I got from one of my Indian senior at work. His name is Aligan and he knows some of the burmese food as well. I was shocked at how he pronounced our cuisine name. :D
This is just a crispy cereal snack topped with sugar syrup or honey. And it is decorated with colourful crystal jelly. It looks like a cupcake, therefore we shall called it "cup sweet cereal".
I am not sure how they name this snack in Indian. I will ask him the next day and update here soon. :)
 Thank you Aligan for this cute and yummy snack.

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11:39 PM

home made lime/lemon tea

17/08/2011 Wednesday
Have you ever tried home made lemon tea before?
Try this recipe and you will find it way too better than those deing sold in the market. XD

1) bring a cup fill hot water and put a normal Lipton tea bag ( don't try peppermint or other fragranced tea because taste will turn out weird )
2) add 3 teaspoonful of honey
3) add 1/3 of lime or lemon fluid (if your lime fruit is as big as a golf ball )
4) stir and taste ( decide whether you like it sweety or limey ) or add ice cubes if you like it cold

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10:28 PM

tip for delicious cup noodle

17/8/2011 Wednesday
NISSIN cup noodles tom yam flavour is one of my favourites and it is available almost everywhere. It is compact and good in taste.

These are some tips to have instant noodle in good way.
Cannot take out all the spice paste or seasoning oil from the packet?
(because they are too dry) 
This would normally happen to you whenever you eat instant noodle and you ain't satisfied when you cannot take out all the paste to put into your noodle cup. Try this and it works.

>>half open the lid of the cup noddle  and you will see seasoning oil packet in it (but don't take it out)
>>add hot water until the noodles including the packet are all covered
>>wait for 3 minutes while the lid being covered
>>now then take out the packet and you will find it warm and soft
>>push the paste oil to one side of the packet with your fingers and cut the edge of the other side
>>just invert the opening facing down towards the cup and the oil will slide down itself without any effort

Does the tip help you??

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2:50 PM

myanmar breakfast yellow glutinous rice

16/08/2011 Tuesday
I am not sure whether it is called "yellow glutinous rice" in Engish but we call it "Se_Hta_Min" (ဆီထမင္း). It is yellow in colour because of the oil and Turmeric powder (နႏြင္း). Moreover, stewed pea is a perfect match for it to go along with.

This is my sister's second time making glutinous rice and we can say this time is the successful attempt since the first try was overcooked. I made stewed pea curry to top up on the rice. :D

RECIPE for yellow glutinous rice
1) Rinse the glutinous rice (4 small cups)
2) put it in cooker, fill water to cover all the rice, spread a little bit of oil and turmeric over it
3) place the cooker on the stove ( put salt and other powder to taste great )
4) stir until the rice is fully cooked ( put additional water as needed )
4 small cups of rice will produce 7 small bowls (as shown in the picture)

RECIPE for stewed pea curry
1) make sure the peas are not frozen ( warm them first )
2) cook the onion slices with oil and when it is ready, put the peas, salt and ajinomoto
3) stir them until well mixed
4) add a little bit of water to make the peas soft and stir again until the water is gone
5) take the cooker out from the stove and spread 'masala' all over the curry and cover it with lid
6) after a few minutes later, it is ready to be served

A perfect breakfast is served and enjoy it with your favourite drink (coffee, tea, milo??)  
And I believe that if you have a yummy breakfast, you are going to be happy for the whole day because you have a happy and warm stomach. :)

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11:11 PM

Glass Noddle Prawn Salad

10/08/2011 Wednesday
This is my very first Glass Noddle Prawn Salad, but the recipe is as same as the other salad and not really troublesome for me to do.^^
1) Cook 10 pieces of small prawns (add water just to cover the half body of prawn)
2) Boil glass noodle ( after boiling, wash the noodle with iced water to prevent from further cooking)
3) Cook oil with onion ring
4) Take a bowl, Add noodle, prawns, cooked oil, salt, ajinomoto and a slice of lime ( stir them)
5) Put them on a plate and decorate with coriander leaf, fried onion rings and a few slices of chili

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11:19 PM

Thai express's soft shell crab curry rice

30/07/2011 Saturaday
First time eating at the Thai Express. I tried crab curry since it has been a long time I've not eaten crab.
It is super delicious and I give 4 stars for that dish.
I love the crispy part!
Presentation is awesome!
Yummy as it seems!

soft shell crab curry rice

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11:48 PM

colourful fried vegetables

16/7/2011 Sat
Red for carrot
Yellow for young corn
Green for peas
White for garlic
Sound yummy, rite?

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1:50 PM

20 minutes lunch

15/7/2011 Fri
I had only a few minutes to prepare for my lunch:(
Then I fried egg and made a carrot corn sour soup:)
It is super delicious and simply good for quick lunch
And I used my own recipe for the soup :P

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1:38 PM

Home made Paratha

12/7/2011 Tue
An awesome sugar paratha breakfast in the one fine morning :)
I am addicted to it and I just need 1 minute to fry it:)
It makes my day to become perfect:)

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1:03 PM

Rane's bday treat

9/7/2011 Sat
A bday treat from a cute boy RANE :)
It was just a Myanmar style buffet but it was simply delicious :D

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11:23 AM

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Hi everyone! Time for festive snacks!



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